Piano Movers Northern Virginia

Professional Piano Movers in Northern Virginia to Move upright, Baby and Grand Pianos


Grand Piano Movers

To our piano movers the most important part of piano moving is packing and wrapping the piano. This means covering the piano in a many blankets so that the surface of the piano isn’t scratched or damaged. Our professional piano moving guys will have special tools for the move: like a heavy duty 4 wheel piano dolly and a piano board.


Our expert Piano movers in Northern Virginia, Maryland and WashingUpright Piano Moverston DC will prepare the grand piano for moving by removing the piano leg first. The piano legs will either screw off or be released at the turn of a wooden or metal tab.

The piano moving guys then tie the piano to the piano board making sure that any straps or buckles from the straps do not scratch the edges of the piano.

The grand piano on the piano board is then placed on a solid, four-wheeled piano dolly by our socialized piano movers.