How to Select a Good Relocation Service Provider in Northern Virginia

Local Northern VA Movers

People relocate to a different place due to number of reasons. It may be done to realize their dreams or for better job prospects. Whatever be the reason, finding the right moving company in Northern VA may be a daunting task only when you didn’t have prior knowledge about it.

Being home to several government agencies, Northern Virginia was once referred to as ‘the economic engine of the state’ in 2010 by the State’s Governor. People flock to this part of the US in search for good employment opportunities and for other reasons as well. But, the common and foremost problem faced by them is – relocation. Doing this stuff on your own could be tiresome and you may end up getting all the more frustrated. However, local movers in Northern VA will do the entire work for you. Now the question arises – how to find the best moving company in Northern VA?

Refer to the following checklist that can help you find the right answers –

Query #1: Does the Moving Company Give Free In-House Estimates?

A reputed moving company will see what needs to be moved so that they can give you accurate quotes. If you send this information on phone or Internet, you may miss out on things that may have an impact on your moving costs.

Query #2: Is The Moving Company Licensed and Insured?

If you are moving intra-state, you need to check with local state authority about the rules of regulation of the state. Whereas, if you are moving inter-state, you need to check the same with Department of Transportation. Ask for the mover’s Department of Transport (DOT) number. A licensed moving company ensures that your goods will be covered by basic insurance and that you will have a transparent grievance redress mechanism in case any dispute arises.

Query #3: Obtain Estimates from Several Moving Companies

Do not just go with the first mover you’ve had a word with. Asking for quotes from several moving companies will give you a good idea of the prevailing rate.

Query #4: Choose a Mover with Local Presence

If you are moving locally, you will be at ease in dealing with a local mover. It will be a lot easier to handle any complaint/damage after the move.

Query #5: Are they Moving Brokers or a Professional Moving Company?

Ask the company if they will move the stuff by themselves or will they hire the move to a third party? It is advisable to make use of the services offered by a full moving company directly instead of depending upon the brokers.

Query #6: Does the Company Offer Multiple Tiers of Service?

Some people prefer to pack their belongings on their own to reduce moving costs. Whereas, there are some who wish to pay more and get a comprehensive service including packing/unpacking services. Choose your package from the list of services.

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